Globalization connects people culturally, politically, and economically across nations. Revolving around the city of York, Yorkshire has exchanged wealth and ideas with an interconnected world since as far back as 1st Century AD. Nowadays it is easy to jump on a plane, shop globally with next-day delivery, and talk to people living in totally different time zones. Yet it is easy to forget that before modern inventions, people were still connected, and the evidence is all around us.
Archeologists are continually finding more and more objects in and around Yorkshire brought into the region by the Romans, Vikings and the Normans. This Exhibition Strings Attached: Yorkshire’s Global History demonstrates the interconnected trade routes which delivered and received high status good such as; jewelry; swords; and coins; linking York to the Middle East, Northern Africa, and even as far away as the Caucasus Mountains. 

Coat of arms of York - Wikipedia